A possible rematch between Biden and Trump has the potential to rock US politics.

Recent US presidential elections have been overshadowed by a pandemic, shocking gaffes, a hidden video, and economic calamity.

Despite the chaos that characterized earlier campaigns, the uncertainty surrounding the presidential race this year is unprecedented and poses serious threats to American democracy's long-term viability.

This kind of judicial meddling in presidential politics has not been seen since the Supreme Court essentially sided with Republican George W. Bush in the 2000 race.

Given his leadership role in the January 6, 2021, rebellion at the US Capitol, the high court is anticipated to consider in the next weeks whether states have the authority to exclude former president Donald Trump from the ballot.

Trump's immunity claim is being considered by a federal appeals court. Prosecutors from New York to Washington and Atlanta have indicted 91 people in four felony charges regarding Trump's participation in the rebellion, his efforts to alter the 2020 election, and his hush money to a porn star.

President Joe Biden is seeking reelection on the Democratic ticket as high inflation eases. But that hasn't calmed restless voters or eased fears in both parties that he's too elderly for the post at 81. A minimum of three genuine outsider presidential contenders threaten to derail the campaign and steal independent votes who were crucial to Biden's 2020 victory.

Few anticipate regular political rules to operate in 2024 given the unpredictability. Jim Messina, who ran Obama's reelection, claimed Trump could beat Biden next autumn even if he's in prison.

Watch this space for further developments.