A simple way to control your hunger before meals is to drink water.

Drinking water before meals can help regulate appetite and calorie intake. There are various reasons why drinking water can help regulate appetite:

Drinking water before meals can boost fullness. Water in the stomach signals the brain that you are full, which may reduce calorie intake.

Thirst and dehydration can mimic hunger. Staying hydrated might help you avoid nibbling or overeating when your body needs fluids.

Drinking water before eating is a conscious moment. You can assess your hunger and make more aware food selections during the meal.

Drinking water before meals reduces caloric consumption, according to research. Before meals, people who drink water may eat fewer calories.

Proper digestion requires adequate fluids. Water aids stomach digestion and nutrition absorption. Proper digestion can boost meal satisfaction.

Water has no calories or sugar, unlike many other drinks. For weight control, drinking water before meals can help limit calorie consumption.

Age, exercise level, climate, and health affect hydration demands. A healthcare practitioner or qualified dietitian can provide specialized hydration and nutrition advice if you have specific health concerns.

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