Behaviors that are destructive and have been accepted by our culture as the norm

The growth of an individual or group depends heavily on society. An individual's activities determine society's direction and future.

Though society and individuals shape each other, we don't realize how significant this codependency is. Through this, society has normalized toxic conduct and other undesirable behaviors. A handful are shown here.

Anger is toxic. Even more significantly, redirecting to another person or issue is simple. Say you're mad at your employer but can't do anything.

You vent to your wife or kids. Or lose your temper over something irrelevant. However, certain movies and media glorify rage, which is wrong.

Society may mistreat animals, people, the weak, and children. Cruelty seldom involves torture or physical harm. It might be mental, emotional, or psychological. Looking away from a loved one's problems, wrongdoings, or road injuries is harsh. Society needs greater empathy.

Resisting our anxieties, uncertainties, and shortcomings is considered strong in society. Those who repress them and appear powerful are "strong". The largest example is death dread, which no one wants to discuss. However, the COVID-19 epidemic revealed how much we had avoided death, sadness, aging, disease, etc.

It's perfectly OK to be absolutely unaware of everything. Arrogance, on the other hand, is the act of knowingly neglecting significant bits of information, news, and knowledge that have an impact on us either directly or indirectly.

Thousands of people fall for conspiracy theories, bogus news, mystic claims, and more every day. Not knowing is OK. Knowing one thing and dismissing everything else won't get you far.

Watch this space for further developments.