Trump, following in the footsteps of strongman dictators throughout history, has spoken openly about pursuing his political opponents using the force of the government and has framed his campaign as one of vengeance.

He has often used Hitlerian hyperbole to claim that illegal immigrants are corrupting our blood. Last month, he told Fox News he would not be a dictator until day one. Last Monday, he posted a word cloud on social media featuring revenge, power, and tyranny.

Biden, like his party, has raised worries about democracy's future if Trump wins, but it hasn't helped him. Early surveys show his coalition's youth and minority bases are weak.

Biden's staff doesn't worry about his base voting for Trump in the general election, but they do worry about some of his followers not voting. They hope Biden's gun control, climate change, and infrastructure proposals can overcome age concerns.

Finally, Biden's campaign believes Americans will support the president if they realize Trump may win again.

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens, who serves on Biden's advisory board, said the president's reelection campaign realizes it can't take any vote for granted, so it's spent extensively in mobilizing Biden's varied coalition.

This election will pit a president who has achieved unprecedented successes for the American people against a danger to democracy and liberties. Dickens stated.

As soon as we have made the argument in its entirety, clarified the stakes, and made the decision obvious, we will be victorious in November.

Watch this space for further developments.