DIY techniques to customize planters and beautify indoor flora. (Part-2)

Decorate indoor plants with macramé hangers. Knotted hangers support plants and provide a boho, contemporary touch to the decor.

Paint the planter with blackboard paint to write messages, identify the plant, or change the look.

Cover the planter with fabric using strong adhesive or decoupage. You can match the planter to your room's decor or change it seasonally with this strategy.

Add little figurines, stones, or ornaments to your planters to make them look like terrariums. This is great for succulent planters.

Dip the planter partially in a colorful glaze to create a dipped glaze look. This method works best with clay or ceramic planters.

Whitewash or distress your planters for a rustic effect. Sandpaper creates weathered look.

Make unique plant markers from wood, cork, or clay. Place these markers in the soil with plant names painted or written.

Choose materials and methods that match your home and plants. DIY projects beautify indoor flora and allow for creative self-expression.

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