Dolphins LB In defeat to Ravens, Bradley Chubb allegedly tore ACL.

A ruptured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) was allegedly sustained by linebacker

Bradley Chubb of the Miami Dolphins during Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens.

After suffering an injury with a little more than three minutes remaining in the fourth quarter of the 56-19 loss, Chubb was transported to the locker room by a medical cart.

The team's suspicions that it was a major knee injury on Monday were verified by an MRI, according to several accounts.

There was a lot of criticism directed at the head coach of the Dolphins, Mike McDaniel, 

 because many people were curious about why Chubb and other starters were still playing late in the blowout. After the event, he acknowledged his regret.

At the moment, Chubb holds the record for the most sacks recorded by the Dolphins, with 11.

 The squad will now enter their game against the Buffalo Bills with the AFC East championship on the line, and they will be without a crucial component on defense.

Watch this space for further developments.