Even if you're looking for a romantic relationship, there are seven signs that you should keep your single status.

A solid, caring, interesting, trustworthy, and gratifying relationship is what most people want. Living with someone we love is fulfilling and exciting. Sometimes we seek a new connection to heal from an old one. Do not do this since it may injure you more. These 7 indicators reveal why you should be alone while wanting a relationship.

You need to get over comparing every guy to the previous or stalking him on social media and fuming when you see him with another female before dating a new guy.

Some find loneliness the toughest emotion to handle. Such a situation prompts relationship search. More important is learning not to feel lonely alone. Be comfortable alone and your relationships will benefit.

Some people identify themselves by their relationships. They share their partner's interests and always consider themselves a pair. If you've lost yourself in relationships, try being single for a while.

If your baggage from your past relationship is still impacting you, you may need time alone. If you were cheated on and still think everyone would cheat, take a break and work on those issues.

Stay single to learn about yourself if you make excuses for yourself in all parts of life. Don't rush into a relationship because you believe you should or because others desire it.

Instead of spending too much time alone, socialize with friends and family. You may have fun and build deep relationships without a partner. Instead of spending time alone, phone old pals.

To feel whole and validated, you do not require the approval of another person. Take care of yourself and love yourself—on your own. Staying alone may teach you a lot about self-reliance and enjoying life.

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