Evidence that you have an unhealthy infatuation with another person can be found in the following causes:

Having a crush is great until you obsess over them! Attraction and obsession are delicate. Obsession becomes harmful when you focus on them all the time.

You'll obsess over them and miss usual activities since they'll be your universe! To identify an unhealthy addiction, here are some indicators.

If you are struggling with poor self-esteem and are attempting to cover up your anxieties by developing a strong physical attraction to another person, then this behavior is undoubtedly harmful.

As a result, you will not only lose your feeling of independence, but you will also attempt to legitimize your existence based on an individual. It is likely that you will make use of that individual in order to feel better about yourself, despite the fact that you despise your own anxieties.

Because you fell in love with them, you will immerse yourself in their appearance. When the honeymoon period ends and tiny defects and disputes develop, you will be too captivated with their outward personality to deal with their true person. It becomes really problematic, leading you to lose control and concentration on your life.

You'll abandon your best pals without a life balance! You will prioritize that individual over everyone else, losing your closest friends and relatives. Despite their reluctance, you will spend all day with your companion. You may also cancel buddy nights in hopes that individual will call.

Impulsive and spontaneous plans are excellent, but not if they mean canceling other arrangements for that individual. You may be accepting last-minute invites by dumping pals or canceling hobbies, interests, etc. It indicates the individual is occupying your time, space, and attention.

You'll resist becoming irritated at them since they could become offended and leave. Though your problems must be handled, you will prefer to mask your emotions. Avoid this since burying your sentiments will only generate animosity.

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