Fiery Rochester crash looked purposeful, but no terrorism.(Part-2)

Smith said it appeared Avery purposely drove into a crowd of pedestrians outside the venue, but he was alone and not politically motivated.

Smith said investigators heard from Avery's family that he had undetected mental health issues.

Avery drove to Monroe County on Dec. 27 and stayed at a Greece, New York, hotel 4 miles from the Kodak Center. Smith said Avery leased a Ford Expedition from a car rental service at Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport and bought at least six petrol and gas canisters from Monroe and Ontario counties over the next few days.

Smith said no suicide note or journals were found in Avery's hotel room or vehicle at the airport parking garage.

Orr and Hughes were great friends, say their relatives. His family called Orr "a beautiful, generous human, filled with love and positivity and an advocate for those struggling with mental health."

The family said he left his family, girlfriend, and dog Eddie. "On New Year’s Eve Josh was doing his favorite thing in the world, attending a Grateful Dead tribute band when he was taken from us," said. "Josh is a hero and saved countless lives from being taken away from our community."

Hughes's family found her "beautiful free spirit" who "had an old soul and cared deeply for her family and friends."

"She was a talented artist who loved nature, and took every opportunity to hike a new trail and find a new waterfall," said. "She liked music so much. Passion brought her the most joy. We rest assured that Justina and her best friend, Josh, enjoyed their last moments together, sharing their passion and friendship."

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