Here are five habits that are harmful to other people, as well as some ways to deal with them.

Being around a toxic person or in a relationship with one is quite challenging. Because of these individuals and what they do, we start to question our own motives, judgments, and behaviors.

Low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and chronic stress are common outcomes of this. Therefore, it is critical to recognize toxic individuals and cut ties with them. Take a look at what they do and how to handle them here.

People that are toxic act as though you owe them money. Another tactic they do is inflicting harm on you while simultaneously professing to have your best interests at heart.

When there is an imbalance of power in a relationship or at work, this tends to happen more frequently. In order to handle this, you must understand that you are not obligated to anybody.

Toxic individuals will often force you to choose between them and others, and you will always pick them. They will dramatize once you commit. Never feel obligated to prove anything. Such people can only be handled this way.

Nobody should argue with them since they'll lie before apologizing. They will also twist, modify, and repeat the tale so convincingly that you accept their gibberish. You don't need an apology to go ahead. Just proceed without them.

They ignore calls, messages, and emails. However, you may replay the discussion or disagreement in your thoughts, wondering what you did to offend them. People that care about you won't allow you stay miserable without trying to help. Identify those who care about you.

Their message seems benign, but their tone says more. It may cause a spectrum of negative emotions. They provoke you this way. Never play their word game to avoid this. Give them no authority to toy with you.

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