How approaches for stress management can help you regulate your weight.  (Part-1)

Addressing the physiological and behavioral stressors that cause weight gain can help manage weight.

Chronic stress can cause overeating, especially of unhealthy foods, and alter metabolism, making weight loss difficult. Stress-management approaches may aid weight loss:

Exercise regularly to reduce stress and boost mood. Physical activity helps manage weight by burning calories and improving health.

Mindfulness meditation raises awareness of ideas, emotions, and sensations. Mindfulness can stop stress-related overeating and encourage healthy eating.

Practice deep breathing. Deep breathing reduces stress-induced cortisol release and calms the body.

Physical postures, breath control, and meditation make yoga a stress-reduction tool. Practice improves mental health and physical flexibility.

PMR involves repeatedly tensing and relaxing muscles. This relieves stress-related physical tension and relaxes.

Get enough good sleep. Overeating can result from sleep deprivation disrupting hunger and satiety hormones. Plan to sleep 7-9 hours per night.

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