It is not difficult to lose weight! There are seven things that I try to avoid doing in order to maintain my fitness.

I've tried several diets and exercise regimes throughout my life, but fitness isn't about overdoing it. A complicated lifestyle will be abandoned. Simple diet and exercise yield the best outcomes.

In my experience, supplement obsessives don't realize that no supplement will speed up outcomes. Take only the vitamins your doctor prescribes for significant nutritional deficiencies. Your excellent diet will cover you otherwise.

Im not anti-carb. While carbs are necessary for our bodies, restrict your daily intake. Your body works harder to digest carbohydrates, so schedule it so you can consume everything without straining it.

Good weight comes from meal timing and regularity. Late meals make you lethargic the next day since your body didn't burn it while you slept. Late-night snacking disrupts sleep, making weight loss difficult. Consume before 2-3 hours of bedtime.

You can perform intermittent fasting without starving yourself. Trying to fast for 16 hours made me lethargic. Hungry, grumpy, and tired. So space out your meals but don't starve yourself.

Sitting is as unhealthy as smoking. If you don't smoke and think you did it purposely, bad. Sitting is bad too. Attempt standing and walking. Get off the couch. Many occupations require laptops. Try hourly standing and walking. Use phone when talking. Stand or walk during online meetings if you can turn off the camera. These easy actions will keep you busy all day and burn calories without exercise.

Every time our social media accounts post photos of tasty food and reels, you want outside food. However, it's not worth it for your pocketbook or health. They utilize terrible oils and additives to make meals taste good but not healthy!

Our bodies are 60-70% water, so drink enough to operate properly. Water aids with digestion, appetite suppression, and calorie burning. So consume three bottles or 7-8 glasses of water daily.

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