Large waves lash the Hawaiian and West Coast coastlines, causing flooding in low-lying areas. (Part-2)

He explained that he had to wait for a long since the waves were particularly bad and not easy to ride, even with his large board. I finally received one after waiting for a long time, and it was good. Very large. It made me nauseous.

Surf in Hawaii could reach 30–40 feet along north-facing coastlines and 18–22 feet along west-facing shores, according to the weather service. This prediction applies to five different islands.

On Thursday morning, professional surfer Sheldon Paishon was preparing to hit the waves in Makaha, a legendary spot on the western coast of Oahu.

This week, 30-year-old Paishon has been surfing at different locations throughout Oahu, making the most of the waves during the high surf warning that was in effect until Friday morning.

He mentioned that during the winter in Hawaii, there are often tremendous waves. "Make sure you got some people around you and stay safe," he cautioned, urging first-timers to surf with lifeguards.

Spokesperson Shayne Enright announced on Wednesday that twenty individuals were saved along Oahu's world-renowned North Shore by Honolulu Ocean Safety lifeguards stationed at beaches around the island. Thousands of "preventative actions" were also taking place, according to her.

She warned that, while the surf is spectacular at this time of year, it is also extremely dangerous.

As a result of the severe surf, the weather service warned that coastal properties and streets could be affected by surges.

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