Lose weight faster: "Food and drink" combinations for breakfast, lunch, and supper (recipes included)

Many people quit eating completely to reduce weight. You may not benefit. Instead of viewing food as the enemy, which might hinder weight reduction, enhance your relationship with it.

Eating healthy and understanding what you're eating is the first step. You shouldn't feel guilty about consuming junk food, but you should know its health effects.

Eat without hindering weight reduction. Along with exercise and careful eating, food can help you lose weight.

Eggs enhance metabolism for a few hours because digesting proteins requires more energy. These keep you full longer and avoid overeating. Coffee increases metabolism and fat burning, aiding weight reduction.

Green tea boosts energy and improves exercise performance, helping you lose weight. Green tea includes antioxidants called catechins that may enhance metabolism and fat burning.

Try it with cold water to hydrate. Cold water increases resting energy expenditure, or calorie burn. Add cucumber slices or mint leaves to water to flavor it.

This salad has protein from almonds, seeds, low-sodium black beans, and chickpeas. These also improve metabolism and keep you full overnight.

In addition to these delicious meal combinations, use these simple weight loss tips:

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