NC teen found under Kentucky man's home through rug-hidden trap door: Police(Part-2)

According to the investigators' writings in the complaint, Jones confessed to engaging in drug use and sexual relations with the minor on more than one occasion. According to deputies, they could also make out marks around the teen's neck.

According to what Jones allegedly told deputies, the girl "begged him to kill her." Visa scheme: Feds believe men staged a succession of armed robberies so 'victims' could gain immigration advantages.

Jones was taken into custody by deputies following a lengthy list of accusations, which included rape, felony assault, felony strangling, sodomy, unlawful transaction with a minor, unlawful confinement, and many narcotics charges.

The case in Kentucky is still ongoing, with further charges anticipated, according to investigators. The teen's whereabouts in North Carolina were unknown at the time of this writing.

There was no word from the Lincoln County sheriff regarding the matter.

As of Tuesday, Jones had not retained legal representation, according to a Lincoln County court clerk who spoke with USA TODAY.

However, he explained to WKYT-TV in an interview broadcast from behind bars that he was attempting to assist the girl since her grandmother had expelled her and that she was in the facility "on her own free will."

Jones remained in custody on Tuesday, and according to the clerk, he was scheduled to appear before a court over the matter on Thursday.

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