(Part-2) A new year gives a fresh start for long-term goals. In 2024, will they stay?

Another Fort Lauderdale resident, Josh Moore, agrees with Sir Isaac Newton and physics. All actions require equal responses.

“If you do something like eat a bunch of candy or desserts at a holiday party, go run,” he urged, halting his dog jog. Maybe you drank too much and got a hangover. Go to the gym the next day when you feel better.”

Many individuals are too kind to themselves, he said. “You must hold yourself accountable.” Fotuhi said resolutions should not be great or ambitious.

He stated worth should be assessed by what you become by attempting to improve yourself, not just the achievement.

According to Fotuhi, goals are merely meant to get you started. “If they don’t do that, maybe that’s not your goal.”

He said it's necessary to reassess objectives and expectations, adding that some individuals keep outdated goals for too long.

“If you set a goal that's overly ambitious, that doesn't get you excited and make you believe 

it's possible, then maybe you should think about a goal that's a little more within your reach — starting with a 5k, then moving up to 10K,” Fotuhi said.

Watch this space for further developments.