(Part-2) Sugar Bowl: Washington beats Texas to face Michigan for the national title.

Texas took timeouts after Johnson ran on first and second down. Johnson raced up the middle on third down like the first two. His foot twisted awkwardly when he was tackled, and he shouted in pain after landing.

After Johnson fell, the clock paused until Washington kicked its fourth-down punt.

Washington would have sent the ball back to Texas with 20 seconds left if it had kneeled on third down or the first three. Texas received around 25 additional seconds due to college football's clock regulations, which halt after an injury inside two minutes and don't resume until the next play.

Washington should have kneeled on its first three plays. Johnson wouldn't have been hauled off to finish the game, and Texas' comeback wouldn't have been so close. Rarely do coaches kneel when they need a first down to win. Kalen DeBoer isn't a conservative Washington coach. In the second half, Washington threw nine straight passes with the lead.

Texas scored their second TD to tie Washington at 14-14 after Germie Bernard mishandled a punt, giving the Longhorns ideal field position. Texas' turnovers harmed them in the second half, even though Washington scored three points off the two fumbles

Baxter's fumble forced the Longhorns to punt. With fewer than 13 minutes left, Jaydon Blue fumbled at the Washington 22.

Washington punted the ball back to Texas, who scored a TD to trim Washington's advantage to six, but Blue's fumble was a significant wasted chance. The Longhorns were within kicker Bert Auburn's range, thus Texas might have tied the game on its final possession with a field goal

Despite fumbles from its top two healthy running backs, Texas ran well against Washington, rushing 28 times as Quinn Ewers tried 43 passes. Texas ran 28 times for 180 yards and three touchdowns while Ewers completed 24-of-43 passes for 318 yards and a touchdown.

Watch this space for further developments.