(Part-2) The therapeutic benefits of indoor gardening with houseplants.

Watering, trimming, and repotting plants are light physical activities that improve flexibility and mobility.

Choosing plant species, arranging them artistically, and constructing unique indoor gardens allow for creative expression and personalization of living areas.

Indoor gardening can be shared by friends, family, or communities. It allows for socializing and gardening advice.

Companionship: Caring for houseplants might help lonely people feel connected.

Indoor gardening requires problem-solving abilities like recognizing and treating pests and illnesses, which can boost cognition.

Plant Knowledge: Indoor gardening encourages curiosity and learning about different plant types, growth patterns, and maintenance needs.

Indoor gardeners must choose plants that suit their tastes, lifestyle, and light conditions.

Caring for plants can be relaxing and gratifying, encouraging holistic health.

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