Personal experiences of those who have been involved in an affair that are extremely distressing

I can't imagine anything worse than being the object of someone else's infidelity. Feelings of worthlessness, pain, and betrayal are incomparable. However, have we thought about the reasons someone might cheat?

Those who cheat on their partners experience an overwhelming and unfathomable amount of sorrow and shame, regardless of whether their actions are justified. So, here are some anonymous tales from folks who have shared the painful lessons they've learned by cheating on their partners.

"The thrill of an affair is dwarfed by the weight of remorse that follows cheating on your relationship. Avoid it at all costs. Feeling guilty about anything might make you question your humanity. Well, it was my level of misery.

It was too painful for me to keep quiet about my infidelity, so I told my spouse. Upon hearing the news, his expression shifted to one of temporary anguish, despair, and emptiness, all of which were easy for me to decipher.

Do not cheat on your sweetheart if you love them profoundly because the sight of treachery is immensely heartbreaking, all the way down to the core of your being. When you love someone deeply, you should never cheat on them.

After confessing to my spouse why I strayed, I felt free and heartbroken. Now years later, I still think about why and how I cheated on my ex, and the most sad conclusion is that I cheated on a person I loved so I wouldn't be here thinking of my mistakes.”

I didn't enjoy cheating on my boyfriend. I desired affection and appreciation. My boyfriend did not pamper me. I cheated instead of ending the relationship. I felt humiliated and terrible as I told him what occurred and why. My lover looked at me vulnerable and begged forgiveness.”

When I had an affair, I wanted to be in charge and not let my partner feel powerful. This overwhelming sensation of betrayal was satisfying until I realized it was my subtle sadist side.”

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