Strategies for maintaining healthy, disease-free plants: disease prevention and control. (Part-1)

Prevention and control are needed to keep plants healthy and disease-free. Here are some plant disease prevention and control methods:

Disease Prevention:

Plant in well-drained, airy soil. Waterlogged soil can cause root infections, whereas proper drainage and air circulation decrease foliar diseases.

Plant according to spacing instructions. Air circulation from proper spacing reduces the incidence of fungal illnesses that thrive in crowds.

Organic matter, compost, and balanced fertilizers keep soil fertile. Healthy soil boosts plant growth and disease resistance.

Water plants from the base to reduce leaf wetness. Drip watering or soaker hoses keep foliage dry and prevent fungal infections.

Water plants in the morning to dry foliage before night. Overnight moist foliage favors infections.

Introduce new plants to your garden after quarantining. This prevents newcomers from spreading infections.

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