Strategies for maintaining healthy, disease-free plants: disease prevention and control. (Part-2)

Disease Control:

Check plants for disease symptoms like discolored leaves, lesions, and odd growth. Early detection improves control.

Quickly prune damaged plants. To prevent the disease from spreading to healthy plant parts, remove affected leaves, stems, or branches.

Environmental control. Maintain proper temperature and humidity in greenhouses to prevent disease.

Introduce helpful insects to combat disease-carrying pests. Examples include ladybugs, predatory mites, and helpful nematodes.

Use organic fungicides, bactericides, and insecticides when needed. Carefully follow label instructions. Chemical treatments may be needed for severe infestations.

Organic mulch prevents soil-borne illnesses from pouring onto plant leaves during rain or irrigation.

A robust and disease-resistant garden can be created by combining preventive and control techniques. A good plant disease control program requires regular monitoring and quick intervention.

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