The astrological signs considered to be the most dependable might be listed in the following order: most dependable to least dependable

We value loyalty in all our interactions. Loyalty lets us trust and rely on friends, family, partners, etc. Loyalty is hard to discover in people. So we must respect the few faithful individuals in our life, whether family or friends.


When it comes to the people they care about, Aries give their all. Nonetheless, they will listen to their hearts if something else piques their interest.


Taureans are renowned to be steadfast friends and companions, despite their reputation for being obstinate. When it comes to their romantic interests and companions, they are picky.


When committed to a partnership for the long haul, Gemini is a very faithful sign. A Gemini's devotion and commitment levels skyrocket once they meet someone they can trust.


There is no chance that a close friend or family member born under this zodiac sign will ever betray you. Cancers, the most devoted sign in the zodiac, will give you their everything if you ask them nicely.


When it comes to protecting their friends and relationships, Leos are just as aggressive as when they defend themselves. If someone has ever wronged you, a Leo will always be there for you and will fight tooth and nail to get even.


Everything should be nice and genuine for Virgo. When it comes to relationships, they are usually reliable and devoted, and they dislike playing games.


Libras tend to be faithful and devoted. But their indecision may be a hindrance at times. When they discover the one, though, they devote themselves entirely.


You can depend on Scorpios for unwavering loyalty, even though they aren't the greatest partners overall. They will never change their mind about how they feel about you, whether it's hatred or love.


They can't sit still for very long and are always seeking new experiences. Because of their independence, Sagittarians aren't known for being reliable or faithful signs.


All of the hurt and disappointment from past relationships seems to stick with Capricorns. Their ability to commit to new individuals and be entirely faithful was shattered by all of this suffering they endured in the past.


Without a doubt, Aquarius is the zodiac sign that is least faithful. No matter how much they care about you, this sign will never let you in on their real feelings or disclose their flaws.


Pisces frequently feel compelled to pursue their inspirations because they are so engrossed in their fantastical fantasies. They will end a relationship when they believe they've outgrown it.

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