The following is a list of six reasons why consuming Samak rice might assist you in shedding excess pounds:

Consumption of rice and wheat is given a great deal of attention when it comes to diets that are intended to aid in weight reduction. Great millets that are far healthier and more nutrient-dense than these two are usually brought up in our conversations.

Samak rice, or mystical millet, has several names worldwide. Indians love it during festivals. It helps lose weight and improves health. Palak Midha, Nutritionist and Founder, Palak Notes, discusses why Samak rice aids weight reduction.

Samak Rice has the lowest calorie density of all oats and has highly digestible protein. This keeps you fueled and energized throughout the day while being gentler on the stomach.

Samak rice is nutritionally rich. It is abundant in fiber, protein, and micronutrients like iron and zinc and has several health advantages.

Samak rice is gluten-free. Celiac disease patients who are gluten-intolerant can eat it. Samak rice is an ideal gluten-free grain for chapatis and other flour-based dishes.

Samak Rice has resistant starch and is slow to digest. It keeps you full longer so you're not hungry. Less hunger correlates with less binge eating.

Its low phytic acid content does not hinder mineral and nutrient absorption. It helps absorb vital minerals like Zinc and Calcium.

Samak rice boosts metabolism. Since they improve metabolism, eating them helps you lose weight and reach your fitness objectives.

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