These high-intensity interval training (HIIT) routines are entertaining and can help you burn more fat.

High-Intensity Interval Training requires you to work hard for brief bursts and relax for a few seconds. Each session has numerous heart-pumping rounds. Gain stamina and burn tons of calories and fat with HIIT.

HIIT's benefits on fat burning during exercise were examined in 18 controlled intervention studies. A few HIIT exercises a week will convert your body into a fat burner.

HIIT and other physical activity like brisk walking and sports will burn more fat. HIIT training enhance fat metabolism within four weeks and over term. Waiting for what? Let's attempt some fun HIIT routines.

Warm up before starting HIIT. Without a warmup, you might damage yourself. Like other HIIT workouts, plank jacks are easy yet demanding. Start in a low plank with hip-width feet. Hop your feet wider than hip-width, then return to the start. For greater body control, use resistance bands. Hold your core tight and don't elevate your hips over your shoulders.

Lift your head and shoulders off the floor while lying on your back with hands behind your head. Lift one leg above hip height and the other a few inches above the floor with your lower back on the ground. Hold, then swap legs for a flutter kick. Once more, 30 seconds.

Superman strengthens your back, especially the lower back. It also strengthens your core. This requires lying on your stomach with your arms straight front. Raise your legs and arms. To keep legs up, squeeze your core, back, and glutes. Avoid undue neck pressure. Pull your elbows behind your waist gently, then return to starting position and repeat. Try it for 30 seconds.

This basic workout works your core, shoulders, and hips well. Additionally, it stabilizes your physique. Sitting on the floor, straighten your legs. Lean back and tuck your knees toward your body to form a V. Maintain this position and rotate your torso by activating your core. Slowly breathe and keep your legs still.

Pull your right knee into your chest in high plank position after balancing your weight on your hands and toes. Switch legs by pulling one knee out and bringing the other in. You can pace this workout based on your abilities. It works at high and low intensities. With each leg shift, breathe in and out alternately.

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